Christopher Jerome Bleau


Digital Marketing & EcommerceSelf-Employed Designer & Customer Care Agent

I lived eight years in the Caribbean, where I attended private school for my primary and part of my secondary education. I enjoy travelling and have visited a lot of the Caribbean islands. Every year, I enjoy hiking in Cumbria with family, and my daily activities include going to the gym and riding my bike. I have strong skills and knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. I also specialise at designing WordPress websites and maintaining or creating Shopify stores. Twisted Persona Store is my own streetwear apparel business that I've been working on for around five years (Rebrand Included), and this project has a lot more in store over the upcoming years.




My Career Background




I originally became interested in marketing when researching digital skills and the employment that might be obtained with them. As an introduction to the subject, I did the Google Digital Marketing Garage course, and from there I moved on to my first apprenticeship in digital marketing, where I was introduced to the property industry as well as some event and venue work. I finished my level three apprenticeship and started working on internships and personal projects. Since then, I've honed my marketing talents, focusing on paid advertising and content production. I prefer working with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, Esty, and others. I've also worked with Woocomerce on a couple projects for clients as well as personal projects. I became interested in website design after doing an internship where I learnt about cPanel and became better acquainted with WordPress. I enjoy website design and have created multiple sites that you can see in my portfolio.

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London, United Kingdom