Here’s a collection of space based NFTs! Hop in our rocket and come explore the galaxy and beyond. 🚀🪐

Earth has become overpopulated and damaged by the results of global warming, join our crew as we scavenge the depths of space and look for habitable planets.

NFT 1 – Galactic Euphoria

Our rocket passes through space and we encounter three undiscovered planets. It looks so beautiful it’s almost hypnotising. Where will our journey take us next?

NFT 2 – Planet Zero

We decided to land on one of these planets, while our team explores the area, this is the first liveable planet we have found I think we should call it planet zero.

NFT 3 – Colonisation

Earth is becoming overpopulated and we can’t handle the population increase anymore, we might have to start flying people out here and colonise these new habitable planets.

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Motion NFT’s

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